What to Do with an Expiring CRP Contract

Many landowners, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts don't realize the looming deadline. More than 21 million acres of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contracts will expire over the next five years.

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The Fall Shuffle is NOT a New Dance Craze

At least for quail, the "fall shuffle" is not a new dance from "Dancing with the Stars"!

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Landowner on tractor pulls disk field to promote ragweed growth

Food of the Gods, Cause of the Sneeze

I’m not sure how ragweed attained such a regal genus name. I don’t know anyone who eats it, or even has tried it, but to a quail, the title is certainly well-earned.

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If It's Green in November, Spray It!

Fall is a great time to find and control invasive plants.

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Burn warm-season grass stands to benefit native wildflowers and quail-brooding cover

Now is a great time to prepare for next year’s summer beauty as well as next year's brooding cover for upland birds.

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bobwhite quail

Conduct Covey Call Counts this Month

Count calling fall coveys the last three weeks in October to find out how many quail coveys are on your land.

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Help With Problem Wildlife

When Missouri wildlife gets a little too close to home, browse our Nuisance Native Wildlife section for tips on dealing with problem critters.

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