Greener Communities

Missouri towns, counties, and builders can find information, technical support, funding opportunities, and recognition programs for best fire protection, tree and urban forest management, stormwater management, and construction practices.


Building on Karst Best Practices

To protect Missouri's cave wildlife and water quality, use best practices when building on karst topography.

Community Tree Care

Get recognition and help for caring for your Missouri community trees and urban forests.

Construction Projects Near Streams

Safeguard Missouri's waterways and fish during construction projects. Browse best management practices for building near streams.

Fire Department Assistance Programs

The Volunteer Fire Assistance and Federal Excess Property programs help rural fire departments improve fire-protection efforts at the local level.

Ice-Melter Damage

Learn how to treat salt-damaged trees and soil, and protect your plants where ice melters are used.

Missouri Natural Heritage Program

The Missouri Natural Heritage Program (MONHP) identifies species and natural communities of conservation concern in each Missouri county.

Missouri River Public-Use Assessment

This 300-page report published in 2004 details the multi-agency assessment of the types and amount of public use of the Missouri River, including fish and wildlife harvest, socio-demographic characteristics of users and the economic value of the river to users.

Missouri Watershed Inventory and Assessment

This collection of natural-resource-related information on Missouri's primary watersheds is designed to help agencies, developers and builders protect our state's water resources.

Missouri Watershed Protection Practice

Download these guidelines about maintaining forested watersheds to protect streams.

Protect Trees During Construction

Save the beauty and investment in your Missouri property by managing your building area to protect trees. Color diagrams and a checklist show you how.

Sand and Gravel Removal Guidelines

Prevent erosion problems on your Missouri property by practicing sustainable sand and gravel removal. This page explains how.

Stormwater Strategies

To protect themselves from flooding and erosion, Missouri communities can control stormwater runoff through better planning and site design.