Table Ge01: Losing Stream Reaches

Table Ge01. Big Piney Watershed stream reaches designated as losing in Table J Rules of Department of Natural Resources Division 20-Clean Water Commission Chapter 7-Water Qualaity. Code of Regulations (MDNR 2000b).

Stream Name Counties Miles From To
Bradford Br. Phelps 2.0 se se se 05 34n 09w se nw ne 06 34n 09w
Unnamed Trib. Pulaski 2.0 se sw sw 23 35n 11w ne se ne 25 35n 11w
Dry Br. Pulaski 4.0 se 11 35n 11w c 25 36n 11w
Trib. to Big Piney R. Pulaski 2.0 nw ne nw 34 35n 11w nw nw sw 36 35n 11w
Round Pound Hollow Pulaski 3.0 sw sw ne 33 36n 11w se se nw 25 36n 11w
Brushy Cr. Texas 2.5 sw nw sw 07 32n 08w sw nw se 10 32n 09w
Spring Cr. Texas 2.0 ne ne nw 32 33n 08w nw sw se 36 33n 09w
Spring Cr. Texas, Phelps 17.0 ne ne se 01 32n 09w se nw se 36 35n 10w
Kelly Hollow Texas 3.0 nw sw se 32 31n 08w se sw nw 25 31n 09w
L. Paddy Cr. Texas 1.5 nw ne nw 03 32n 11w nw se se 35 33n 11w
B. Paddy Cr. Texas 3.0 sw nw sw 24 32n 11w ne ne ne 18 32n 10w
Bald Ridge Cr. Texas, Pulaski 5.5 sw se nw 22 33n 11w nw sw ne 36 34n 11w
Mooney Br. Texas 2.0 ne ne ne 19 33n 09w ne sw nw 12 33n 10w
Trib. to Piney Cr. Texas 1.5 se se sw 04 29n 10w ne ne ne 03 29n 10w
Watershed Total        

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