Table Ge02: Location and discharge of springs in the Big Piney Watershed

Table Ge02. Location and discharge (cubic feet per second) of selected springs in the Big Piney Watershed (Vineyard and Feder 1974).

Name County UGSG 7.5'Quad. Name Discharge (CFS)
Boiling Spring Texas Prescott 13.40*
Cox Spring Phelps Flat 0.01*
Coyle Spring Texas Houston 0.60
Hales Cem. Spring Pulaski Devils Elbow 0.01
Hazelton Spring Texas Slabtown Spring 6.28*
Mathis Spring Phelps Flat 0.02*
Miller Spring Pulaski Big Piney 18.90*
Ousley Spring Pulaski Devils Elbow 0.75*
Pillman Spring #1 Phelps Devils Elbow 8.61*
Prewett Spring Pulaski Slabtown Spring 17.45*
Pruett Spring Phelps Flat 0.15
Relfe (Coppedge) Spring Phelps Flat 19.40*
Roaring Spring Texas Slabtown Spring 1.31*
Shanghai Spring Pulaski Devils Elbow 18.00*
Slabtown Spring Texas Slabtown Spring 14.00*
Stone Mill Spring Pulaski Big Piney 29.00*
Unnamed Phelps Devils Elbow <0.01

*Average of multiple measurements

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