Table Hy01: Surface Discharge Gage Stations in Big Piney Watershed

 Table Hy01

Table Hy01. USGS continuous surface discharge gage stations within the Big Piney River Watershed (USGS 2003a and 2003b). Active stations (as of 2004) are in bold. Period of record for peak flow measurements is given in parenthesis.
Station # Station Name Drainage Area (mi2) Period of Record
06928700 Beeler Branch Near Cabool Mo. 7.78 1967-1976 (1967-1979)
06929000 Coyle Branch At Houston, Mo. 1.10 (1950-1979)
06929315 Paddy Cr. Ab. Slabtown Spring, Mo. 34.2 1993-1997 (1993-1997)
06930000 Big Piney River Near Big Piney, Mo. 560.00 1921-Present (1922-Present)
06930060 Big Piney Below Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. 593.00 1999-Present (2001-Present)

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