Table Wq03: Pesticide Sampling Results

Table Wq03: Pesticide Sampling Results
Results of Pesticides National Synthesis Project water quality sampling for pesticide compounds within the Big Piney Watershed (USGS 1998b and 2000a).
Station Name Type Pesticide Compound Detected
1 Big Piney River nr. Big Piney S Thiobencarb, Metolachlor, Diazinon
2 Paddy Creek above Slabtown Spring S Thiobencarb, Metolachlor, Atrazine, Deethyl Atrazine
3 N/A GW Non-Detection
Type: S-Surface GW-Ground Water
Pesticide Compound Pesticide Type
Atrazine Herbicide
Diazinon Insecticide
Deethyl Atrazine Degradation Product (Atrazine)
Metolachlor Herbicide
Thiobencarb Herbicide

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