The Black River originates in Iron and Reynolds Counties, MO and flows south through Reynolds, Wayne, and Butler Counties to the state line and then southwesterly in Arkansas to empty into the White River near Newport, AR. The French were the first Caucasian people to assert territorial rights to this area (~1673) (Deems 1940). For unknown reasons, French explorers named the river "la Riviere Noir" which translates to Black River (Loughead 1987).

The Black River flows through Clearwater Reservoir near Piedmont, MO. In this Watershed Inventory and Assessment, the basin is divided into lower and upper subbasins due to the differences in geology, hydrology, habitat, biota, land use, and water quality (Figure lo01). The upper subbasin is the area above Clearwater Dam and the lower subbasin is the area downstream of Clearwater Dam to the Arkansas state line.

The Black River's two largest tributaries are the Current and Eleven Point Rivers, which join the Black River in Arkansas. These rivers are not included in this document


Figure Lo01: Location of the Black River Watershed

Location map of the Black River Watershed

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