The Bourbeuse River watershed is found within the northeastern quarter of the Ozark Highlands. As a tributary to the Meramec River, the Bourbeuse River watershed flows northeast through Phelps, Maries, Osage, Crawford, Gasconade, and Franklin counties to join the Meramec River, which joins with the Mississippi River (Figure Lo01).The watershed is comprised of several small watersheds, including Spring Creek, Boone Creek, Brush Creek, Red Oak Creek, Dry Fork, Little Bourbeuse River, and the Upper, Middle, and Lower Bourbeuse River drainages.

The entire Meramec River watershed, including the Bourbeuse River and the Big River, drains 3,980 square miles into the Upper Mississippi River watershed (United States Geological Survey 1997). The Bourbeuse River, excluding the Meramec River and the Big River, drains 842.9 square miles (U.S. Department of Agriculture and SCS 1990).

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