Table Ge02: Number and length of losing streams

Table Ge02. Eleven Point Watershed stream reaches designated as losing in Table J Rules of Department of Natural Resources Division 20-Clean Water Commission Chapter 7-Water Quality. Code of State Regulations (MDNR 1996).
Stream Miles From To
Trib to Little Cr. 2.0 nw,ne,04,25n,08w sw,ne,ne,10,25n,08w
Lee Hollow 6.0 sw,se,nw,35,27n,07w nw,sw,nw,34,26n,07w
Kenaga Hollow 8.0 ne,se,nw,28,27n,07w se,nw,ne,33,26n,07w
Middle Fork 10.0 nw,nw,sw,35,25n,07w nw,nw,ne,05,24n,05w
Lost Camp Cr. 12.0 sw,sw,se,08,26n,09w se,nw,se,24,26n,08w
Trib. to Lost Camp Cr. 6.0 nw,ne,nw,28,26n,09w ne,nw,se,20,26n,08w
Eleven Point R. 32.0 nw,se,sw,29,27n,09w sw,se,se,31,25n,05w
Trib to Eleven Point R. 2.5 se,sw,sw,36,27n,08w se,nw,nw,13,26n,08w
Gunters Valley 8.0 sw,sw,nw,03,24n,08w ne,ne,se,34,25n,07w
Little Cr. 9.0 nw,sw,sw,16,25n,08w se,nw,sw,02,25n,07w
Trib to Lost Camp Cr. 12.8 sw,sw,se,27,26n,09w se,sw,sw,19,26n,07w
Fredrick Cr. 6.5 ne,sw,sw,02,22n,03w sw,nw,nw,15,22n,02w
Fredrick Cr. 20.0 se,ne,sw,26,24n,05w ne,sw,sw,02,22n,03w
Dry Cr. 9.0 sw,sw,nw,28,24n,03w se,sw,se,01,22n,03w
School House Hollow 3.0 sw,se,se,36,24n,02w sw,sw,sw,10,23n,02w
Greenbriar Hollow 4.0 se,nw,ne,36,24n,02w ne,se,se,32,24n,02w
Freeman Hollow 3.0 sw,nw,ne,14,24n,02w ne,nw,ne,32,24n,02w
Unnamed Trib. 1.5 se,nw,se,14,24n,02w nw,sw,sw,22,24n,02w
Sitton Valley 4.0 ne,sw,ne,17,25n,02w sw,ne,se,04,24n,02w
Dry Prong 2.0 se,ne,nw,02,24n,02w sw,ne,se,09,24n,02w
Whites Cr. 7.0 ne,se,ne,21,25n,02w ne,sw,nw,20,24n,02w
Watered Fork 4.0 se,se,nw,16,24n,06w sw,se,sw,35,25n,06w
L. Hurricane Cr. 4.5 sw,sw,ne,22,24n,04w se,se,nw,07,24n,03w
Piney Cr. 15.0 nw,sw,sw,20,24n,04w se,sw,nw,03,22n,03w
Birch Creek 7.0 se,se,21,27n,05w sw,ne,sw,20,26n,05w
Birch Creek 6.0 nw,ne,sw,32,27n,05w sw,ne,sw,20,26n,05w
Unnamed Trib. 3.0 nw,se,se,31,27n,05w nw,sw,nw,18,26n,05w
Unnamed Trib. 4.0 ne,nw,nw,34,27n,06w ne,se,nw,12,26n,06w
Spring Cr. 18.0 ne,se,nw,08,26n,06w ne,nw,nw,27,25n,04w
L. Hurricane Cr. 4.5 se,nw,nw,21,27n,04w sw,nw,se,10,26n,04w
Hurricane Cr. 15.0 sw,nw,se,10,26n,04w ne,ne,sw,34,25n,03w
Bee Fork Cr. 7.0 sw,sw,sw,11,26n,05w se,se,nw,11,25n,05w
Total 249.3 - -

Note: This table is not a final authority. Data subject to change.

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