Table Wq04: Water quality parameters

Table Wq04. Water quality parameters measured by the USGS and the MDC during 1990-1993 at various stream, spring, and well locations throughout the Fristoe Unit of the Mark Twain National Forest (Kleeschulte and Sutley 1995).
Instantaneous Discharge Dissolved Arsenic
Specific Conductance Dissolved Barium
pH Dissolved Beryllium
Temperature Dissolved Cadmium
Dissolved Oxygen Dissolved Chromium
Dissolved Calcium Dissolved Cobalt
Dissolved Magnesium Dissolved Copper
Dissolved Sodium Dissolved Iron
Dissolved Potassium Dissolved Lead
Bicarbonate Dissolved Lithium
Carbonate Dissolved Manganese
Alkalinity (Calcium Carbonate) Dissolved Mercury
Dissolved Sulfate Dissolved Molybdenum
Dissolved Chloride Dissolved Nickel
Dissolved Flouride Dissolved Selenium
Dissolved Silica Dissolved Silver
Dissolved Solids Dissolved Strontium
Dissolved Nitrite Dissolved Vanadium
Dissolved Nitrite+Nitrate Dissolved Zinc
Dissolved Ammonia Total Organic Carbon
Dissolved Ammonia +Organic Nitrogen Suspended Sediment
Dissolved Phosphorous Dissolved Aluminum
Dissolved Orthophosphate -

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