Table Wq05: Summary of Duchrow's 1974 water quality parameter values

Table Wq05. Summary of Duchrow's 1974 water quality parameter values for stations within the Eleven Point Watershed (Duchrow 1977).
Station Location 1Species Diversity Index Value Number of Mayfly and Stonefly Taxa
EP-45 Eleven Point at Hwy. 142 Bridge 5.9 19
EP-54 Eleven Point at Hwy. 160 Bridge 5.7 20
EP-73 Eleven Point at Hwy. 19 Bridge 5.6 19
EP-76 Eleven Point above Greer Spring Branch 6.8 21
EP-88 Eleven Point at Hwy. 99 Bridge 6.8 20
EP-86 Eleven Point below Barren Fork 7.4 25
EPF-1 Fredrick Creek at the Narrows 8.5 30
EPH-1 Hurricane Creek at County Rd. 19-154 5.8 19
GS-0 Greer Spring Branch 4.3 14
EPS-0 Spring Creek at mouth 5.6 14
EPBF-2 Barren Fork at Hwy. 160 Bridge 7.0 24
EPMF-0 Middle Fork at Hwy. 99 Bridge 7.2 24

1Species Diversity Index Value = D = (s-1)/(logeN); where s equals the number of taxa and N is the total number of organisms in the sample.

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