Table Bc04: Mussel and Snail Species Collected in the Elk River Basin

Table Bc04: Mussel and Snail Species Collected in the Elk River Basin

Common Name Scientific Name1 Collection2
Midland siltsnail Cincinnatia integra 1980
Chert pebblesnail Somatogyrus rosewateri 1980
Slender walker Pomatiopsis lapidaria 1980
Pyramid elimia Elimia potosiensis 1980
Tadpole physa Physella gyrina 1980
Bugle sprite Menetus dilatatus 1980
Marsh rams-horn Helisoma trivolvis 1980
Creeping ancylid Ferrissia rivularis 1980
Striated fingernail clam Sphaerium striatinum 1980
River peaclam Pisidium fallax 1980
Ridged-beak peaclam Pisidium compressum 1980
Paper pondshell Utterbackia imbecillis after 1965, 1980
Giant floater Pyganodon grandis after 1965, 1980
Creeper Strophitus undulatus after 1965, 1980
Elktoe Alasmidonta marginata after 1965, 1980
Slippershell Alasmidonta viridis after 1965, 1980
Flutedshell Lasmigonia costata after 1965
Pimpleback Quadrula pustulosa pustulosa after 1965
Wabash pigtoe Fusconaia flava after 1965
Ozark pigtoe Fusconaia ozarkensis after 1965
Purple wartyback Cyclonaias tuberculata after 1965
Ohio pigtoe Pleurobema cordatum3 1980
Round pigtoe Pleurobema sintoxia after 1965
Mucket Actinonaias ligamentina after 1965, 1980
Ellipse Venustaconcha ellipsiformis4 1980
Fragile papershell Leptodea fragilis after 1965
Lilliput Toxolasma parvus after 1965
Purple Lilliput Toxolasma lividus after 1965, 1980
Pondmussel Ligumia subrostrata after 1965
Neosho mucket Lampsilis rafinesqueana after 1965
Pocketbook Lampsilis cardium after 1965
Ozark brokenray Lampsilis reeviana brevicula after 1965
Asian clam Corbicula fluminea 1998

Sources: Oesch (1984), Cummings and Mayer (1992), and Gordon (1980).

1 - Scientific names were updated through 1999 based on information provided by Sue Bruenderman, MDC research biologist/Malacologist.

2 - after 1965 - based on information from Oesch 1984.

3 - Sue Bruenderman believes this identification may be in error and probably should be Fusconaia flava.

4 - Riusech (1999) through genetic analysis found the mussels in the Elk River basin to be ellipse (Venustaconcha ellipsiformis) rather than bleedingtooth mussels (Venustaconcha pleasii).

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