Table Lu03: Public use areas of boat access within the Niangua watershed

Table Lu03: Public use areas with size, stream, and type of boat access within the Niangua Watershed.
Area (Ownership1) Acres Frontage (mi) Major Streams Boat Access Topographic Map
Barclay CA 389 1.7 0.4 Niangua River Barclay Spring Branch Planned No Eldridge West
Bennett Springs Access 178 0.5 Niangua River Yes Bennett Springs
Bennett Springs State Park (MDC, MDNR) 40 1.5 Bennett Sprg Br Yes Bennett Springs
Berry Bluff CA2 159 0.0 Niangua River No Eldridge West
Big John Access 16 0.3 Niangua River Yes Buffalo
Branch Towersite 40 0 None No Branch
Camdenton CSC3 46 0 None No Green Bay Terrace
Charity Access 163 0.2 Niangua River Yes Long Lane
Coffin Cave CA 60 0 None No Bennett Springs
Fiery Fork CA 1,606 1.5 Little Niangua River Yes Barnumton
Flatwood Church CA 71 0 None No Bennett Springs
Goose Creek SF 1,040 0.0 None No Long Lane, Phillipsburg
Ha Ha Tonka State Park (MDNR) 2,953 1.3 Niangua Arm (LOZ) Yes Hahatonka
Lake Niangua Accesses (SME)4 1 0.1 Lake Niangua Yes Hahatonka
Lead Mine CA 6,473 2.3 Niangua River Yes Lead Mine
Moon Valley Access 3 0.2 Niangua River Yes Windyville
Mule Shoe CA 1,850 540 2.2 0.8 Little Niangua River Starks Creek Yes No Branch Climax Springs
Gale CA 194 0.2 Niangua Arm (LOZ) Yes Green Bay Terrace
Niangua CA 837 0.4 Trib. East Fork Niangua River No Beach, Niangua
Plad Towersite 2 0 None No Windyville
Prosperine Access 8 0.1 Niangua River Yes Eldridge West
Williams Ford Access 40 0.2 Niangua River Yes Windyville

1MDC = Missouri Department of Conservation, unless otherwise indicated; MDNR = Missouri Department of Natural Resources; SME = Sho-Me Power Corporation.

2CA = Conservation Area.

3CSC = Conservation Service Center.

4Three separate accesses on Lake Niangua: Niangua River below Lake Niangua dam; Niangua River at SME powerhouse; and Lake Niangua above dam.

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