Table Wq02: Permitted wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF) in the Nodaway River basin

Table Wq02: Permitted wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF) in the Nodaway River basin.
Facility Receiving Stream Location (T-R-S) State County
Fontanelle WWTF Middle Nodaway River 75N-32W-19 IA Adair
Bridgewater WWTF West Fork 75N-33W-33 IA Adair
Adams Co. Care Facility WWTF East Nodaway River 71N-34W-01 IA Adams
Corning WWTF East Nodaway River 71N-34W-03 IA Adams
Corning Quarry East Nodaway River 71N-34W-10 IA Adams
Nodaway WWTF East Nodaway River 71N-35W-19 IA Adams
Prescott WWTF East Nodaway River 72N-33W-23 IA Adams
Mt. Etna Quarry Middle Nodaway River 73N-34W-14 IA Adams
Fillmore WWTF Trib to Lincoln Creek 60N-36W-07 MO Andrew
Massena WWTF West Nodaway River 75N-32W-19 IA Cass
Cumberland WWTF Houts Branch 75N-35W-28 IA Cass
New Point Quarry Trib to Nodaway River 61N-37W-27 MO Holt
Maitland WWTF Trib to Nodaway River 62N-37W-04 MO Holt
MMA Maitland Quarry Trib to Nodaway River 62N-37W-34 MO Holt
DNR Viking Lake State Park Dunns Creek 71N-36W-07 IA Montgomery
Villisca WWTF Middle Nodaway River 71N-36W-27 IA Montgomery
Graham WWTF Elkhorn Creek 62N-37W-11 MO Nodaway
ANR Maitland Station Elkhorn Creek 63N-36W-29 MO Nodaway
Forcade Quarry Elkhorn Creek 63N-37W-36 MO Nodaway
Burlington WWTF Nodaway River 65N-37W-08 MO Nodaway
Elmo WWTF Mill Creek 66N-37W-17 MO Nodaway
Clearmont WWTF Clear Creek 66N-37W-25 MO Nodaway
Shambaugh Quarry Nodaway River 67N-36W-19 IA Page
Braddyville WWTF Nodaway River 67N-36W-30 IA Page
Shambaugh WWTF West Nodaway River 67N-37W-01 IA Page
College Springs WWTF Mill Creek 67N-37W-18 IA Page
Clarinda WWTF West Nodaway River 69N-36W-29 IA Page

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