Table Hy01: Gaging stations operated in the East Osage River Basin

Table Hy01: Gaging stations operated in the East Osage River Basin (bold indicates active station).
Gage Number Station Name County Years of Record
06922450 Osage River below Truman Dam at Warsaw, Missouri Benton 1981-2000 minus Oct. 1989-Sept. 1990
06922500 Osage River at Warsaw, Missouri Benton 1925-1931
06922600 Little Turkey Creek Tributary near Warsaw, Missouri Benton 1959-1979
06922700 Chub Creek near Lincoln, Missouri Benton 1958-1979
06922800 Big Buffalo Creek near Stover, Missouri Benton 1965-1967 1968-1977
06925270 Dry Auglaize Creek Tributary near Lebanon, Missouri Laclede 1955-1970
06925300 Prairie Branch near Decaturville, Missouri Laclede 1955-1979
06925450 Little Gravois Creek near Versailles, Missouri Morgan 1955-1979
06910430 Dickerson Creek Tributary near Jefferson City, Missouri Cole 1970-1979
06926150 Jack Buster Creek at Eugene, Missouri Cole 1961-1979
06926500 Osage River near St. Thomas, Missouri Cole 1931-1996
06926510 Osage River below St. Thomas, Missouri Cole 1996-2000
06926000 Osage River near Bagnell, Missouri Miller 1925-1998
16926200 Van Cleve Branch near Meta, Missouri Maries 1956-1972
06926800 Long Branch near Vienna, Missouri Maries 1957-1979
06927000 Maries River at Westphalia, Missouri Osage 1948-1970

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