Table Hc10: Springs located in the West Osage River Basin

Springs located in the West Osage River Basin of west-central Missouri (Vineyard and Feder 1982, MDNR 1986a).
Berry* --- St.Clair SENW 1,39N,24W Trib Osage River
White Sulphur* --- St.Clair SWSW 32,40N,23W Trib Osage River
Blue Stem Weaubleau Hickory NENE 3,36N,23W Trib L. Weaubleau
Cave Weaubleau Hickory SESE 19,36N,23W Trib Weaubleau
Gum Weaubleau Hickory NENE 1,36N,24W Weaubleau Creek
Black Sulphur* Monegaw/Gallin. St.Clair SWNW 30,38N,26W L Monegaw/Osage
Magnolia* Monegaw/Gallin. St.Clair SWNW 27,38N,26W Salt Creek
White Sulphur* Monegaw/Gallin. St.Clair NESW 21,36N,28W L Monegaw/Osage
Eldorado Clear Cedar SENW 29,36N,28W Trib Clear Creek
9 Wonders Clear Cedar NESW 21,36N,28W McCord Branch

*Inundated by Truman Lake

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