Table Wq02: Municipal sewage treatment plants (STP's) within the Platte River basin

Table Wq02: Municipal sewage treatment plants (STP's) within the Platte River basin (MDNR and IADNR 1996 data) .
Facility Name Receiving Stream Flow** (MGD) Type Location (T-R-S )
Gower STP Jenkins Branch 0.119 3 Cell Lagoon 55N 33W 04
St. Joe, Faraon St. STP 102 River 0.414 2 Cell Lagoon 57N 34W 07
K.C., Northland STP Wilkerson Creek 0.030 Extended Aeration Activated Sludge 52N 32W 19
K.C., Rocky Branch STP Rocky Branch Creek 0.745 Contact Stabilization 2 Cell Lagoon 52N 33W 11
Smithville STP Little Platte River 0.090 2 Cell Aerated Primary 53N 33W 22
Plattsburg STP Smithville Reservoir 0.200 Trickling Filter 55N 32W 25
Trimble STP Dicks Creek * Currently Unsewered Under Construction 54N 33W 26
Clarksdale STP Third Fork * Currently Unsewered Under Construction 58N 32W 30
King City STP Little Third Fork 0.080 2 Cell Lagoon 60N 32W 08
Stewartsville STP Castile Creek 0.105 3 Cell Lagoon 57N 32W 21
Union Star STP Third Fork 0.032 3 Cell Lagoon 60N 33W 34
Barnard STP 102 River 0.008 3 Cell Lagoon 62N 35W 15
Conception Junction STP Platte River 0.008 3 Cell Lagoon Sludge Lagoon 63N 34W 14
Hopkins STP Middle Fork 102 R. 0.060 3 Cell Lagoon 66N 35W 02
Maryville STP 102 River 1.400 5 Cell Aerated Lagoon 64N 35W 22
Ravenwood STP Platte River 0.003 2 Cell Lagoon Sludge Lagoon 64N 34W 13
Edgerton STP Grove Creek 0.016 2 Cell Lagoon 54N 33W 08
K.C., Todd Creek STP Todd Creek 1.200 Contact Stabilization Sludge Lagoon 52N 34W 01
Platte City STP Platte River 0.250 Extended Aeration Activated Sludge 53N 35W 35
Tracy STP Trib. to Platte River 0.009 Extended Aeration 53N 35W 23
Clearfield STP Turkey Creek * Waste Stabilization Lagoon 69N 31W 06
Lenox STP Middle Br. 102 River * Aerated Lagoon 70N 32W 07
Bedford STP East Fork 102 River * Trickling filter 68N 34W 26
New Market STP West Fork 102 River * Waste Stabilization Lagoon 69N 35W 32
Creston STP Trib. to Platte River * Trickling Filter 72N 31W 01
Cromwell STP West Fork Platte River * Waste Stabilization Lagoon 72N 31W 07

*information not available, ** MGD = Millions of gallons per day

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