Table Hc05: Substrate Particle Composition Rank

Name ID Substrate Particle Composition Rank
Dominant Second Third
PDT River LK96-026 gravel cobble/boulder
PDT River LK96-027 sand/gravel cobble/boulder
PDT River LK96-031 gravel silt/boulder/bedrock
Davis Creek TG97-027 gravel/cobble/bedrock
Dry Fork TG97-028 gravel sand cobble
Ashlock Creek TG97-029 bedrock gravel cobble
Dry Fork TG97-030 bedrock cobble gravel
Abels Creek TG97-031 gravel cobble bedrock
Piper Creek TG97-032 gravel sand cobble
Piper Creek TG97-033 gravel/silt cobble
Piper Creek TG97-034 no data no data no data
Schultz Creek TG97-040 gravel/cobble
Schultz Creek TG97-041 gravel silt cobble
McKinney Creek TG97-042 gravel bedrock cobble


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