Table Hy01: United States Geological Survey gage stations in the White River watershed

United States Geological Survey (USGS) gage stations in the White River watershed.
Gage Number Gage Name Status* Drainage Area (m2) Type** Location TRS
07050150 Roaring River Spring near Cassville A WQ 22N 27W 11
07050152 Roaring River at Roaring River State Park I WQ 22N 27W 34
07053400 Table Rock Lake near Branson A 4,020 WQ 22N 22W 22
07053450 White River Below Table Rock Dam A WQ 22N 22W 11
07053500 White River near Branson I 4,022 WS 22N 22W 22
07053600 Lake Taneycomo at College of the Ozarks A WQ 22N 21W 04
07053700 Lake Taneycomo at Branson I WQ 22N 21W 04
07053810 Bull Creek near Walnut Shade A 191 WS 23N 21W 04
07054080 Beaver Creek at Bradleyville A 298 WS 24N 18W 11
07048550 West Fork of White River east of Fayettville I 118 WQ 16N 30W 24
07048700 White River near Goshen I 412 WQ 17N 28W 31
07049691 White River at Beaver Dam I 1,192 WQ 20N 27W 10
07050390 Osage Creek southwest of Berryville I WQ 20N 25W 36
07050420 Osage Creek west of Berryville I WQ 20N 25W 26
07050500 Kings River near Berryville A 527 Both 20N 25W 03
07053230 Long Creek near Denver I WQ 21N 22W 34
07053207 Long Creek at Denver A 104 WS 21N 22W 34
07054501 White River at Bull Shoals Dam A 6,051 WQ 20N 15W 21
07055565 Crooked Creek at Harrison I 67 WQ 18N 20W 03
07055569 Crooked Creek near Harrison I WQ 18N 20W 02
07055608 Crooked Creek at Yellville A 406 Both 18N 16W 09
07048000 West Fork White River at Greenland I 83.1 Both 18N 30W 16
07048500 West Fork White River near Fayetteville I 118 WS 16N 30W 24
07048600 White River near Fayetteville A 400 Both 16N 29W 08
07049000 War Eagle Creek near Hindsville A 263 WS 18N 27W 28
07049695 White River above Busch I 1,192 WQ 21N 27W 34
07050000 White River at Beaver I 1,244 WQ 21N 26W 20
07054535 Whiter River below Bruce Creek near Lakeview I WQ 19N 15W 35
07055000 White River near Flippin I 6,081 WS 19N 15W 10
07055550 Crooked Creek Tributary near Dog Patch I 4 WQ 17N 20W 04
07055600 Crooked Creek at Pyatt I 207 WQ 19N 17W 31
07054410 Bear Creek near Omaha A 133 WS 21N 20W 26
07053250 Yocum Creek near Oak Grove A 53 WS 21N 22W 30
07048800 Richland Creek at Goshen A 138 WS 17N 28W 31

*Status A= active, I= inactive

**Type WQ= water quality, WS= water stage, Both= water stage and water quality.

Source: (Wilson, G. and Porter, E., USGS, pers. comm.)

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