Pond Construction and Maintenance

Six Aquaguides show you how to build, stock, and care for your Missouri pond.

Bottom-Withdrawal Spillways

This Aquaguide shows you how to operate a bottom-withdrawal spillway, which can control sediment and improve water quality in your Missouri pond.

Care of New Pond and Watershed

Learn to care for your new Missouri pond and its watershed. This Aquaguide shows you how.

Missouri Fish Producers

This Aquaguide shows you where to find Missouri fish dealers who can supply recommended fish species for your pond.

Pond Area Estimator

This simple method helps you estimate your Missouri pond's surface acreage.

Problem of Leaky Ponds

This Aquaguide shows you why ponds leak and what you can do to keep your Missouri pond from leaking.

Stocking Fish In Your Pond

This Aquaguide covers recommended fish-stocking species, species to avoid, when and how to haul fish, and find sources of stock fish in Missouri.