Timber Management and Harvest

A $5.7 Billion Industry

Missouri was a leader in lumber production at the turn of the century when the Ozarks' pine forests were logged. Through forest protection and management, Missouri is once again a leader in forest products, including charcoal, barrels, walnut nutmeats and shell products, and red-cedar gift items. These businesses employ more than 32,000 people and contribute $5.7 billion each year to Missouri's economy.

If you're in one of Missouri's wood-products businesses, this section helps you find best practices and help for managing, harvesting and protecting your woodlot and forest resources.

Also known as the Missouri Woody Biomass Harvesting Best Management Practices Manual, this 49-page booklet helps loggers harvest trees for fuel in ways that protect local natural resources.

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Timber Management Assistance

Want to improve your woodlot management or timber yields? Get our help! Call your regional forester.

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Timber Price Trends

Track Missouri timber prices with this quarterly report.

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Timber Sale Basics

Don't sell your Missouri timber for a fraction of its value because you didn't market it properly. Follow eight steps to get the most return from your timber sale.

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Timber Sale Tax Treatment

Browse information and examples for calculating Missouri timber product gains and losses for tax reporting purposes.

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