Wildlife on Your Property

Topics in this section help you manage your land for wildlife, control problem plants and animals, and learn about common wildlife diseases.

Backyard Wildlife

Provide food, water, and cover to turn your yard into a lively place full of fun-to-watch Missouri wildlife. Topics in this section show you how.

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Deer on Your Property

Browse tips for managing deer on your property and for controlling them when they become nuisances.

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Game Birds on Your Property

Learn to manage your land for pheasant, quail, turkey and prairie chicken—and improve your livestock forage base in the bargain.

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Gardens and Wildlife

Learn protect your Missouri home garden from unwanted pests.

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Help Endangered Wildlife

Find out what you can do on your land to help Missouri's endangered animals and the native plants they depend on.

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Problem Plants and Animals

Invasive, non-native species can hurt native wildlife and reduce farm profits. Missouri's native plants and animals can also cause problems. Learn how to identify and control both.

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Small Game on Your Property

Learn to manage your land for popular small game such as squirrels and cottontail rabbits.

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Wildlife Food Plots

Browse plans for establishing food plots for Missouri wildlife.

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Learn to improve your Missouri land for wildife by habitat type or kind of wildlife. This book shows you how.

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