Missouri's quail populations are declining. Help bring them back by establishing mosaics of shrub thickets, bare ground, fields with a diversity of grasses, wildflowers and crops and ungrazed woodlots. This section shows you how.

Conduct Fall Covey Counts

Want to assess your management efforts and hunting prospects? Count calling fall coveys the last three weeks in October. This page shows you how.  

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Covey Headquarters Newsletter

This newsletter provides timely, in-depth quail-management information for Missouri landowners and quail hunters.

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Managing CRP Grasslands for Bobwhite Quail

Use mid-contract management practices and other wildlife enhancements to maintain the overall best-habitat conditions for quail and other wildlife on CRP fields.

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Photo shows quail chick in brood habitat

Quail Management FAQs

Why are Missouri's quail declining? Is it true that wild turkeys eat baby quail? Find the answers to these and other frequently asked questions.

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Rich Farms, Lots of Quail

You don't have to sacrifice farm productivity to bring the quail call back to Missouri. Browse management practices that work for your farm and quail, too.

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