Covey Headquarters Newsletter

This newsletter provides timely, in-depth quail-management information for Missouri landowners and quail hunters.

Covey Headquarters Newsletter, Fall 2014

This issue covers Missouri quail monitoring, pollinator habitat, continuing MDC-CRP incentives, and quail-habitat management.

Covey Headquarters Newsletter, Summer 2014

This issue includes a small game report from southeast Missouri, breeding bird count instructions, creating rabbit habitat, management calendar, and more.

Covey Headquarters Newsletter, Spring 2014

This issue is packed with information on quail-habitat-management techniques and activities to be conducted during the spring, as well as other timely topics.

Covey Headquarters Newsletter, Winter 2013

This issue features a new quail study, shrub-planting tips, Quail Focus Area update, how to take a soil sample, habitat management calendar, and other timely topics.

Covey Headquarters Newsletter, Fall 2013

This issue features a prairie chicken's journey in Missouri and Iowa, special quail-hunt opportunity, how to conduct a quail covey count, grassland bird survey results, and more.

The Covey Headquarters Newsletter, Summer 2013

This issue features quail nesting and brood habitat information, Bradford Field Day, Conservation Reserve Program news, the mowing “dead zone," and the covey headquarter management calendar.