Help Keep Missouri TCD-free!

Because thousand cankers disease (TCD) kills black walnut trees, it poses a serious threat to Missouri’s important black walnut industry. Fortunately, we've seen no evidence of it in our state. Early detection will be key to controlling its spread. You can help keep TCD out of Missouri by not moving firewood and other untreated walnut wood products, and by identifying and reporting early symptoms and signs of the disease. Use this information to help keep Missouri TCD-free — and our black walnut industry strong.

TCD has been detected in at least five eastern states (North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia) and nine western states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington). TCD survey and detection work is ongoing.



map shows states where TCD has been found

ID and Report TCD Symptoms

Thousand cankers disease poses a deadly threat to Missouri's valuable black walnut industry. Learn to identify symptoms and report them immediately.

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Updated in March 2014, this two-color, illustrated publication answers frequently asked questions about thousand cankers disease, which has not yet been found in Missouri.

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Photo of a vial of walnut twig beetles.

TCD Kills Black Walnut Trees

Learn what you can do to identify and report symptoms of thousand cankers disease (TCD) in Missouri. Our state's black walnut industry depends on early detection and control.

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This two-page, full-color brochure helps you identify thousand cankers disease of black walnuts and stop its spread.  

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